Molybdenum Pipe
Molybdenum Pipe
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Zhengzhou Sanhui Co.,LTD, is dealing in refractory metal and arc welding fields for 15 years. We are a professional refractory metal product supplier and have our own factory for making them in China as well. As a top

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Our factory introduced the most advanced technology and processing line, and now we could make

molybdenum pipe

with length of over two meters.The common design of the molybdenum pipe is FMo-1, molybdenum content of the molybdenum pipe is over 99.9%. Our molybdenum pipe can be used at service temperature up to 2000℃.
Specific Properties of Molybdenum Pipe
The following is the specific properties:
product form and dimension available: Φ12.4--60.0mm
Pipe diameter: Φ12.4--60.0mm
The temperature of initial recrystallization:950-1050℃

Parameter of Molybdenum Pipe
Diameter(μm) Weight    mg/200mm   
20<d≤30 0.65 -1.47  
30<d≤40 >1.47 -2.61  
40<d≤100 >2.61 -16.33  
100<d≤400 >16.33 -256.2  
400<d≤600 -  
600<d≤2500 -  
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