Tungsten Filament
Tungsten Filament
Brief introduction:

Tungsten filament

is widely used as filament for all kinds of lamps.
Tungsten filament is mostly used for making various incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp filament and gas discharge lamp electrode, in addition small amounts of tungsten used for heating material in high temperature furnace, electron tube heater and composite stiffener.

Applications of tungsten filament:
Tungsten-aluminum alloy filament is usually used as filament for high colour temperature lamp and shockproof lamp. Tungsten-aluminum alloy filament is also used as filament for incandescent lamp, high temperature electrodes, tungsten wire in twisted, etc.

We all know the advantages brought by tungsten filament lamp, like tungsten filament can resist high temperature and is able to give out light glows in the current.

At the same time, the disadvantages of tungsten filament are not known to many people. Here are some disadvantages of tungsten filament bulb:

1, Tungsten filament lamp has the mercury pollution in the production process and after using and abandoning it. Nowadays, the western countries attach considerable importance for the mercury pollution.

2. Tungsten filament bulbs are all glass products and glass products are  easily to be broken. It is difficult to transport and install tungsten filament bulb.

3. Some of tungsten filament bulbs consume much electricity.

4, Tungsten filament lamp is made of tungsten by drawing. Tungsten filament can easily be damaged and tungsten filament lamp has short service life.

In our daily life, the advantages of tungsten filament lamp are more than  the disadvantages of tungsten filament lamp. We cannot live without  tungsten filament bulb and the light of tungsten filament bulb!

Tungsten filament bulb

, tungsten filament lamp and tungsten light bulb all use tungsten filament.

Characteristics of tungsten filament:
Tungsten filament is featured by high melting point, low vapor pressure. So tungsten filament is suitable to be used in lighting manufacturing. The surface of tungsten filament is smooth and free from any other defects affecting the further uses. The tungsten filament can be easily unwinded. The crystal structure of tungsten filament is compact.
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Type Purity of tungsten   tungsten wire applications
WAL1 >=99.92% T double-screwy filament.filament for hihg colour temperature lamp and shockproof lamp,etc.
L filament for incandescent lamp.cathode for emitting tube.high temperature electrodes.tungsten wire in twisted.etc.
W folded-heater for electronic tube,etc.
WAL2 >=99.92% T filament for fluorescent lamp,etc.
L heater for electronic tube.filament for incandescent lamp.tungsten wire in twisted,etc
W folded-heater,grid and cathode for electronic tube,etc.
WAL3 >=99.92% L filament for normal lamp.spring wire for semicondutor,etc.
W1 >=99.95%   tungsten wire in twisted and heating parts,etc.
W2 >=99.92%   grid siderod for electron tube.tungsten wire in twisted,etc.
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