Characteristics of Ceramics for Welding
The welding ceramic has two characteristics:
The welding ceramics are manufactured with high quality alumina ceramic raw material, according to certain chemical formula, through precise structure design and easy to control preparation method.
The welding material has excellent characteristics and the weld seam is strong after using and crack resistance, good toughness, stable mechanical properties.
This welding ceramic has two characteristics: 1. Ceramic products made from natural oxide ceramic materials mixed into ceramic powder in a proper proportion and then sintered at high temperature.
2. Because of sintering at high temperature, it has good resistance to heat  shock for rapid heat and rapid cooling. It can also maintain a stable state at the high temperature produced during welding, thus preventing metal melting and forming good weld on the back at the same time. Ceramic is characterized by acid resistance, alkali corrosion, so during welding steel will not produce deformation or physical and chemical reaction.
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