High Density Tungsten Alloys in Radiation Shielding
Why we need tungsten alloys radiation shielding parts?
With the rapid development of medical technology, more and more radiation in life has caused new troubles, such as x rays, gamma rays ,α rays ,β rays and so on.
In order to protect patients and medical staffs, it is necessary to use tungsten alloy equipments to shield these harmful radiation.
Advantages of high density tungsten alloy radiation shielding parts: researchers have found that radiation resistance is related to material density, and the greater the density, the better the shielding performance. Tungsten alloy has high density, so its shielding performance is very high, and tungsten alloy products are environmental protection products, less harm than lead products. So tungsten alloy products are the best materials for shielding parts, and easy to process and non-toxic.
Application of tungsten alloy radiation shielding parts: radiation source holders, gamma radiation shielding block, oil drilling equipment, x ray collimator, tungsten alloy pet shield, cancer treatment equipment shield.
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