Tungsten Rod with Rectangular Cross - Section in Stock
Zhengzhou Sanhui tungsten rods wth rectangular cross-section are in stock.
The tungsten rectangular rods purity is minimum 99.95% and have bright and polished surface.
The tungsten rods size: cross-sectional area 28 (+/-0.1mm) x 25 mm (+/-0.1 mm) and maximum Length for each rod= 300 mm.
 The Rods are supplied in stress relieved condition.
If you need the tungsten rectangular rods exactly, please feel free to contact us.
The Chemical Compositions are as below:
a) Tungsten: Minimum 99.95%       
b) Element Impurity Content        
i) Mo <100 ppm;         
ii) Fe < 30 ppm:         
iii) C < 30 ppm         
iv) Other Element: <20 ppm

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