Cu-W Alloy Applications
This article we will talk about Cu-W alloy applications in detail.

Cu-W alloy is widely used in mechanical, electrical, electronic, metallurgy, aerospace and other industrial as the vacuum contact material, electrode material, electronic packaging materials as well as the rocket, missile special purpose materials.

1, Cu-W alloy as high performance materials in Aerospace
Cu-W alloy has high density, high temperature strength and resistance to erosion ablation performance, so Cu-W alloy is used as missile, rocket nozzle, gas rudder assembly, air vane, hood and balance weight in the aerospace industry.

2, Cu-W alloy as vacuum contact material
Cu-W contact material produced by Sanhui Co., Ltd has such advantages as high erosion resistance, high toughness, good conductivity, thermal conductivity and good machine processing performance.

3, Cu-W alloy as electric spark machining electrode
Cu-W electrode manufactured by Sanhui owns high speed electric corrosion, low loss rate, accurate electrode shape, excellent processing properties and the WC having good surface quality.

4, Cu-W alloy as electronic packaging materials
The Cu-W electronic packaging materials have low thermal expansion  as that of tungsten and high thermal conductivity as copper.
Cu-W alloy applications are wide.

Cu-W alloy produced by Sanhui has high purity, homogeneous microstructure, excellent performance.
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