Tungsten Alloy Electrodes Classifications And Features
Tungsten alloy electrodes classifications and features are as followings:
There are tungsten cerium electrode, tungsten thorium electrode, tungsten lanthanum electrode, tungsten zirconium electrode, etc..
Tungsten cerium electrode is made of tungsten by adding cerium oxide. Compared with tungsten thorium electrode, tungsten cerium electrode has non radiation, low melting rate, long welding life and good arcing performance. Therefore, tungsten cerium electrode is the best substitute for thorium tungsten electrode in low current welding environment.
Tungsten lanthanum electrode has been the most popular electrode material recently. It has such advantages: better mechanical cutting performance, better creep resistance, high recrystallization temperature and good ductility.
Compared with pure tungsten electrode, tungsten thorium electrode has such characteristics: lower electronic function, higher recrystallization temperature, better conductivity and mechanical cutting performance.
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