Tungsten Alloys Applications
Tungsten alloys are materials with a high tungsten content and low amounts of NiFe or NiCu.

Tungsten alloys can be usually used to make dart, golf head, racket weight and tungsten screw, tungsten alloy fish pendant, tungsten alloy paperweight, racing motorcycle crankshaft counterweight, tungsten alloy shielding materials of radioactive medical equipment, tungsten alloy shield of radioactive nuclear materials, mobile phone and clock’s tungsten alloy oscillator, tungsten alloy counterweight in ship industry, military prefabricated broken pieces, tungsten alloy bullets and shrapnel replacing lead ones, tungsten alloy armor, high explosive filling alloy for projectile terminal sensitive projectile, various types of rockets projectile, rocket projectile injection port, jet nozzle, gyro rotor of aerospace vehicle, civil aircraft counterweight filler, aircraft brake pads, helicopter landing gear components and other types of civil and military fields.

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