Change history from hot drawn to cold drawn molybdenum wire
As we all know, the molybdenum materials used in wire cutting industry are molybdenum elements,which has high melting point, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion and so on. Therefore, they are widely used in many industries.

But in the past, the molybdenum wire processed by drawing technology is prone to deformation and breaking, because the recrystallization temperature of pure molybdenum elements is relatively low. In view of this problem, most researchers have re created the process and production of molybdenum wire. After years of experimental development, today's cold drawn molybdenum wire has been obtained. From hot drawing to cold drawing process technology, it completely broke the traditional lighting industry hot molybdenum wire pattern. It has been better promotion in the original molybdenum wire tensile strength, and also reduced its elongation, cold drawn molybdenum wire's service life has also been greatly improved.

In the years of industrial development, cold drawn molybdenum wire now used in electric industry in China reached more than ninety percent, it also witnessed the molybdenum wire development from the initial imperfection of the whole impeccable process.

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