The Properties of Nickel Material
Nickel bars, nickel plates, nickel tubes, nickel wires, nickel tapes and nickel alloy materials are silver white metal, the density is 8.9 g / cm 3. The melting point is 1455 DEG C, the boiling point is 2730 DEG C and the valence is 2 and 3. They are hard, magnetic and good in plasticity. They have good corrosion resistance, no oxidation in air and strong alkali resistance.

Nickel is one of the important strategic metals in heavy nonferrous metals. Nickel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high strength and good plasticity. It has been widely used in steelmaking, electroplating, electricity, vacuum, petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors.

Nickel plate, its specifications minimum can reach 0.3mm, maximum can reach 60mm.
Nickel wire, its specifications minimum can reach Phi 0.5mm, maximum can reach Phi 6mm.
Nickel pipe, its specifications minimum can reach 3mm, maximum can reach Phi 110mm.
Bar is a kind of material with many specifications.
Composite material is a kind of multiple specifications of the material, the composite material is made of nickel, Monel, B30, stainless steel.

In addition to the composite material, these materials are in three states: soft (M), hard (Y) and semi hard (Y2). The so-called soft state is: annealed state, hard state and cold working state.

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