Characteristics of washed molybdenum wire
1. The surface is clean, there is no graphite layer and molybdenum oxide layer, which is easy to keep the discharge channel good working conditions, reduce wire breakage, spots and other phenomena, improve the stability of wire cutting work.

2. The washed molybdenum wire has high tensile strength and low elongation, it can adapt to the high tension and discharge impact in wire cutting work to reduce wire vibration phenomenon, improve cutting quality, and reduce wire tightening and broken wire fault.

3. Internal stress of molybdenum wire is small, straight or cyclic annular, no kinks, which is easy to operate.

4. The work started quickly, quickly to work with wire, which can improve the working efficiency of wire cutting.

5. The service life of working fluid is extended, which is good for reducing cutting costs, but also reducing the waste emissions.

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