Pure Tungsten Wire
Pure tungsten wire is made of tungsten bars that is forged and drawn. It is mainly used for incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other light source. The tungsten wire used in bulb as various light-emitting body also need to be mixed with a small amount of potassium, silicon and aluminum oxide in the smelting process, which is called doped tungsten wire, also known as the 218 tungsten wire or non-sag tungsten wire. Now the tungsten wire is usually drawn by various drawing dies. The main use is to manufacture filament and high speed cutting alloy steel, and also used in optical instruments, chemical instruments and so on.

Tungsten wire performance:
The using performance of tungsten wire at room temperature is manifested in the winding wire performance. Because of its long processing process, if the process management is poor, it is easy to make the tungsten filament produces be many small cracks or local embrittlement, so that the filament is very easy to break.
The consistency of tungsten wire diameter is an important reason for the photoelectric parameters of incandescent bulbs, and some can also affect the service life of the bulb.

It is mainly used in the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamp filament, also can do HID electrode, or bracket, guide wire, vacuum coating with heater, print needle, car light proof filament, electron tube, cathode ray tube filament.

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