Excellent Corrosion Resistance of Inconel 600 Pipe
Inconel 600 tube is an austenitic superalloy with nickel as the main component. Because the strengthening effect of molybdenum solid solution from nickel chromium alloy, inconel has ultra high strength and extraordinary fatigue resistance at low temperature to 1093 degrees, which is widely used in aviation industry. Although the alloy is designed to adapt to the environment of high temperature strength of the alloy, but the high content of chromium, molybdenum of many corrosion media, from the high oxidation environment to general corrosion environment, are highly resistant to pitting corrosion, crack change ability, which shows excellent corrosion resistance characteristics. For chloride contamination media such as sea water, geothermal water, neutral salt and brine, Inconel 600 pipes also have super corrosion resistance. Through the tests of geothermal brine and simulated pipeline gas desulfurization environmental test, the corrosion resistance of Inconel 600 pipe can be even comparable to that of two grade titanium and Hastelloy alloy C-276.

The high nickel content of the Inconel 600 tube makes the alloy have a very strong resistance to chloride stress, fission and corrosion, at the same time, it maintained its high corrosion resistance and strong corrosion resistance in alkaline solution in the reduced state. At the same time because of containing chromium, so in the oxidizing environment, corrosion resistance is better than pure nickel. The alloy is designed at low temperature to 1093 degrees. The oxidation resistance at high temperature is excellent. It has good oxidation resistance and carbonization resistance at 1093 degrees (but its upper limit temperature is 535 degrees in the reductive atmosphere containing hydrogen sulfide). The treatment of hydrogen chloride and chlorine at high temperature is very effective: Hydrogen chloride reaches about 538 degrees and can be safely used until chlorine reaches 510 degrees. For nitrogen, hydrogen and carburizing, the alloy is also excellent in corrosion resistance and is used in various heat treatment furnaces. 

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