How to distinguish between true and false molybdenum wire
If you want to distinguish between true and false molybdenum wire, the discriminating conduct is as follow:

1. The molybdenum wire is pulled out of the box, and then cross break to see whether the fracture has split ends, the split is really molybdenum wire.
2. Bend the molybdenum wire and fold it to its original shape. See if there is any split to become two thinner molybdenum wires. If it is, you can judge the true and false of the molybdenum wire. This is also the simplest method.
3. You can burn it with fire, because the melting point of molybdenum wire is high, which can reach up to more than 2500 degrees, it can be burnt out at least ten seconds, if it is burnt out at 10 seconds, it is fake, the fake molybdenum wire has sparks at the moment of burning out.
4. In rolled waste molybdenum wire, if you feel the weight is too heavy, it may pick up the iron, throwing molybdenum wire, to the ground and, if there is a hard object impact floor sound, it may have iron in the middle. In rolled molybdenum wire, if the extrusion elasticity is poor, the middle may have cloth blocks, etc., it should be open to check.
5. Leaching some concentrated nitric acid to some molybdenum wire, it will have the yellow fume immediately.

The above is some simple methods to distinguish between true and false molybdenum wire. Welcome your enquiry!!

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