Introduction of Copper Tungsten Alloy
Copper tungsten alloy is a kind of composite material made by using excellent metal characteristic of high purity tungsten powder, high pure copper powder plasticity, high conductivity and so on forming by static pressure molding, high temperature sintering and copper infiltration. It has good arc breaking performance, good conductive and heat conduction, small thermal expansion, high temperature, no softening, high strength, high density and high hardness.

1. Resistance welding electrode: Combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, such as high temperature resistance, arc erosion, high strength, good thermal conductivity, easy to machining, and other characteristics, because of its high hardness, high melting point and anti adhesion characteristics, it is often used as a projection welding electrode with a certain abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.

2. Electrode of high voltage discharge tube: when the high voltage vacuum discharge tube is working, the temperature of contact materials will be increased several thousand degrees Celsius at a few tenths of time, the copper tungsten alloy has anti ablation properties, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity to discharge the stable work and provide necessary conditions.

3. High performance materials for aerospace applications: Tungsten copper material has the properties of high density, transpiration cooling, high temperature, high strength and erosion resistance, etc. it is used as a missile, rocket nozzle, throat lining, gas rudder assembly, air rudder, head cover and counterweight in the aerospace industry.

4. Vacuum contact material: Contact materials must have very good machinability and thermal shock resistance, and when contact and break are arcing, the contact material will rise several thousand degrees Celsius in a few tenths of a second.

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