Introduction of Ni Cr alloy (Inconel600, ALLOY600, UNS, N066
This alloy has corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and easy processing, welding and other performance characteristics.

corrosion resisting property:the corrosion resistance of UNS N06600 alloy is also very good in atmospheric corrosion resistance, excellent water and steam, in some weak acid, dilute the oxidation and reduction of acid. In all kinds of weak organic acids, the corrosion rate is very low. For example, at room temperature, acetic acid has a corrosion rate of 0.0025---0.1mm/a. This alloy is especially alkaline resistant, such as in NaOH, the NaOH concentration is up to 80%. When there is the sulfide in NaOH, its corrosion resistance is better than that of the pure nickel.  In the test of sodium sulfide at 150 degrees, the annual corrosion rate is 0.1mm. It is also resistant to a variety of neutral salt, caustic corrosion, in some acid, the corrosion resistance of UNS alloy N06600 is bad. For example, in H3PO4, H2SO4, it can only be used at room temperature, in hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, it can only be used in very dilute concentrations.

Application: This nickel alloy has strong corrosion resistance, comprehensive performance, which is widely used in chemical industry. For example for the manufacture of heater, heat exchanger, evaporator, distillation kettle, distillation condenser, treated with fatty acids with abietinic acid processing equipment etc. Because the alloy has high strength and good oxidation resistance at high temperature, it can also be used in heat treatment industry and make all kinds of structural parts. In the nuclear power industry, the alloy has good corrosion resistance of high temperature and high pressure water, so it is also used as an important structural material for light water reactor nuclear power plants. Products include plates, bars, wires, belts and pipes.

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