Tungsten electrode inert gas arc welding (TIG)
Principle: TIG welding is a method that makes tungsten electrodes and base metal produce arc under argon and other inert gas environment, and makes the base metal and welding material melting and welding.

DC TIG welding:The DC arc welding power supply is used as welding power source, which is widely used in the welding of stainless steel, titanium, copper and copper alloy.
AC TIG welding: AC arc welding power supply is used as welding power source, and the polarity of electrode material varies with each other. When the electrode is positive (EP polarity), the electrode is overheated and the consumption is great, and the oxide layer on the base material can be removed, which is called cleaning action. It is widely used in welding of aluminum, magnesium and so on.

1. Almost all industrial metals and alloys can be welded.
2. Good welding quality and high reliability.
3. The welding is well formed without cleaning the slag.
4. No spatter
5. Less smoke
6. It can be widely applied to sheet to plate.

Resistance welding (RESISTANCE)
Principle: a welding process by which the base metal is fused and welded by the resistance heat of the joint at the joint of the welding material. The heat resistance of metal melt, pressure, combined with the basic principle of resistance welding, including welding, resistance spot welding, seam welding, seam welding and so on.

1. The welding speed is fast, it is suitable for mass production.
2. Beginners can also easily weld.
3. Small welding deformation
4. No wires, chemicals, no consumables
5. Low production cost

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