Application and polishing of titanium screws
The use of titanium screws is very extensive, at first, screws are used as fasteners. Pure titanium screw is mainly used in chemical industry and electroplating industry. Corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are used. Titanium alloys have more kinds of screws. Strength ratios are used in aviation, airplanes, high-end racing cars, and bicycles. Ultra low temperature performance and strength ratio, a lot of parts in Chang'e spaceship are special titanium alloy, which can be used normally at very low temperatures. The medical field is the main strength ratio and non-toxic characteristics, it can be used as steel nails, intramedullary nail, artificial skull, dental root, heart stents.

And the titanium screw grinding is generally used in shock grinding machine, there are grinding stone and small steel ball. Vibration grinding machine, the grinding process is a process of vibration grinding, putting the deburring and polishing workpiece into pre prepared abrasive, grinding agent in the container. Relying on container regular vibration make the workpiece and abrasive move and grind, to grind off the burrs protruding from the workpiece surface and the surrounding ground, and at the same time, it should be carried out the angle rounding and surface polishing treatment.

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