Three conditions in the production of titanium rod
The production of titanium rod electrolyte in the hydrogenation of the solution, in general, must also have the following three conditions:

1. The pH (or partial) of the solution must be below 3 or above 12.

2. There must be a mechanism to produce hydrogen, such as the uniform corrosion, local corrosion, surface scratching or pollution, which makes titanium corrosion potential in electric fresh matter (global or local) below the potential of hydrogen evolution, or because of the cathodic protection potential is too low, it has hydrogen evolution directly on the surface of titanium rod.

3. Ambient temperature must be higher than 80 degrees, otherwise, although there is hydrogen evolution mechanism, and titanium absorbing hydrogen, when the temperature is less than 80 degrees, hydrogen diffuses slowly to hydrogen kneeling, unless serious stress promotes low temperature diffusion, or the hydrogen produced by electrochemical reaction caused a high chamber pressure.

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