UNS N08800 medium thick plate in stock
Incoloy800/UNS N08800
Product Name: Incoloy800/UNS N08800
International generic:  Incoloy alloy 800/800H/800HT、UNS N08800/ N08810/ N08811、W. Nr./EN1.4876、1.4958/1.14959,Nicrofer 3220 alloy 800/800H/800HP、NAS 800/800H/800HT、ATI 800/800H/800AT.
Operative norm: ASTM B409/ASME SB-409、ASTM A240/ ASME SA240
Main component: C ≤0.10, Mn ≤1.5, Ni 30.0~35.0, Si ≤1.0, P ≤0.02, S ≤0.015, Cr 19.0~23.0, Fe ≥ 22.0, Al 0.15~0.6, Ti 0.15~0.6, Cu ≤0.75
Physical properties: density: 8.1g/cm3, melting point: 1357-1385 degrees, magnetic: None

Heat treatment: keep warm for 2 hours between 980-1150 DEG C, quick water cooling.

Mechanical properties: tensile strength: σb≥ 450Mpa, yield strength:σb≥ 175Mpa, elongation: δ≥ 30%, hardness: HB135-179

Corrosion resistance and main service environment:
The chemical composition of INCOLOY800/800H/800HT is very similar, so it has good oxidation resistance reduction, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, nitride reduction performance of alternating medium corrosion, and has high stability in high temperature metallurgical applications. But because the content of the (Al+Ti) is different, the environment of the three materials is different.
All performance of INCOLOY 800 at temperatures below zero, at room temperature and 600 degrees can be carried out. Because the (Al+Ti) content of INCOLOY 800H is not higher than 0.7%, above 600 degrees, it has good tensile strength, and has good toughness when working for 700 hours or less. INCOLOY 800HT has excellent yield strength when it is above 700 degrees centigrade.

Application area: Retort furnace, muffle furnace and heat treatment fixture and material basket, vacuum furnace, the highest temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit chlorination equipment, titanium dioxide plant, retort oven, heater, fatty acid in the process of distillation, bubble tower and condenser, evaporator of sodium sulfide in the manufacturing process of tube, the tube plate and the pressing plate, the pulp in the manufacture of rosin acid treatment equipment.

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