Inconel Series Metal
Inconel 600 (N06600) has resistance to various corrosion medium, it also has good anti creep rupture strength, it is recommended to be used in above 700 degrees working environment, it is mainly used in corrosive alkali metal production and use of the field, especially the use of sulfide in the environment.

An important property of inconel 601 (N06601) is its ability to resist oxidation at temperatures as high as 1180 DEG C and it is very resistant to carbonization. It is mainly used in heat treatment components, exhaust system components, and oxygen re heaters.

Inconel 625 (N06625/NS336) has excellent corrosion resistance in many media. Softening annealing of low carbon alloy 625 is widely used in chemical process industry, contact with seawater and high mechanical stress.

Inconel 718 (N07718/GH4169) for austenite structure, the formation of the "Y" phase after precipitation hardening make it have excellent mechanical properties, due to its high temperature strength and excellent corrosion resistance and easy processing at 700 DEG C, it can be applied to various occasions of high requirements.

Inconelx-750 (N07750/GH4145) has sufficient strength and corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at 980 degrees. It is a preferred material for high strength springs, which is suitable for making elastic diaphragms and resilient seals.

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