Tungsten Alloy Electroplating
In the machinery and instrument manufacturing industry, the tungsten alloy is used as the element of balance weights. For example, the installation of tungsten alloy in drill pipe on the oil rig can greatly improve the verticality and the efficiency of petroleum drilling. High temperature performance of tungsten alloy can be used as good mold material in the die casting industry. Because the X ray attenuation capability is very strong, the tungsten alloy is a ideal material to do all kinds of radioactive source shielding element or container. In the medical treatment, tungsten alloy can be used as anti radiation shielding material and gamma knife. Tungsten alloy can make the car's performance is greatly improved. Golf and tennis racket edge on tungsten alloy weight will make the racket have stronger attack ability, in the game, when the heavy arrow with tungsten alloy can greatly improve the hit rate of heavy arrows.

Tungsten alloy plating chromium electroplating technology is a kind of traditional processing technology, which is widely used in functional coatings and decorative coating field. Each year the chrome industrial output value in the United States is $8 billion, while it is more than 10 billion yuan in China. But this process fatal disadvantage is that the high concentration of chromate - chromium containing wastewater and waste gas pollution. Chromium six produced during chrome plating is a dangerous carcinogen. The control strictly completely abolished Chrome is a task of national environmental protection department of the world. Therefore, looking for hexavalent chromium has become the needs of all manufacturing.

Tungsten alloy electroplating is a new type of electroplating, which takes into account both abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. The process is environmentally friendly, has no harm to operators, and has high production efficiency. In recent years, it has gradually attracted the attention of the machinery industry. Tungsten alloy electroplating was firstly applied to hydraulic equipment and petroleum machinery, and gradually expanded to other industries.

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